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Overview: Training Contributions

Updated: May 26

In the realm of training contributions, meticulous record-keeping ensures accountability and transparency. Should you ever receive a records request, having well-organized files expedites the turnover process, demonstrating your commitment to compliance and efficiency.

Training contributions, when required, are due on a monthly basis. This commitment extends to all appreciable crafts your company utilizes on the job site. Calculating the contribution amount is a straightforward process: multiply the total hours for each classification by the applicable prevailing wage hourly training amount. Each month with performing work, should have a training contribution invoice and proof of payment saved in your files. Take a proactive approach by also saving a copy of the check/payment in your files should it be requested or needed, to streamline the process. Ensure your file names are clear and easy to understand.

Beyond meeting compliance standards, investing in training contributions plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of California's public works projects. By empowering the next generation through apprenticeships, you contribute to a brighter, more skilled future. Each training contribution is a step towards fostering expertise, innovation, and excellence in your industry.

Prevailing Wisdom LLC is here to help support your company with their labor compliance needs. We can produce and monitor your monthly training contributions, ensuring accuracy and organization, always focused on the details.

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