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Here to help navigate and simplify this complex industry.

Laptop and Plant


  • Identify project requirements

  • Curated answers to company specific questions

  • Prime, Awarding Body, and Project Oversight communication assistance

  • Industry, project, and document trainings for your team

We are ready and available to to identify the best course of action for compliance.

Working with Financial Documents

Document Assistance

  • Certified Payroll Reports

  • Fringe Benefit Statements

  • Training Contributions

  • Apprentice Forms

  • OCIP Reporting Assistance

  • Restitution Audit and Calculation

  • Project Specific Document Requirements

A helpful hand in ensuring time sensitive documents are submitted accurately and on time, to streamline you getting paid.

Accountant at Work

Prevailing Wage Services

  • Scope analysis assistance

  • Calculation of prevailing wages applicable to your project

  • Pre-determined increase monitoring

A lot goes into ensuring your employees are classified correctly and are not being underpaid. Regardless of the length of the project, this service provides an extra layer of peace of mind to avoid penalties.

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