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Unraveling the Manual: January's Guide to Clarity 2.3 - 2.3.1

Updated: Apr 15

January's Guide to Clarity 2.3 - 2.3.1

Status and title of a worker does not determine whether the duties performed by the individual are covered by prevailing wage laws. What it comes down to is if the work that was performed was covered work. Any individual who performs skilled or unskilled labor on a Public Works project is entitled to be paid prevailing wages. This includes superintendent's who step in to perform labor, and workers on salary. To determine whether an employee's regular salary satisfies the prevailing wage rate applicable to the work and project, you'll need to calculate the employee's regular hourly rate. This hourly rate can only be applied to straight-time hours worked on the project.

This is just an overview of these chapters but important information to be aware of!

For more detailed information visit the official Department of Industrial Relations website at Here you can access the CA Public Works Manual in full.

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